Thursday, February 13, 2014

Rachael's Room::Update

As I was looking back through some of my older posts, I realized i had not done an update and showed the progress of Rachael's/guest room.

Rachael is living in Tennessee going to college at Middle Tennessee State, and only comes home a few times a year.  I showed you how we painted her room here - and left you with the image below... kinda sad huh?  a lot has been done since this!

My idea was to have a place for her when she comes home, a place where you could watch movies (on an old tv) and a place for guests to sleep.  We don't have ton of overnight guests, but my sister stayed here for several days this past fall (remember, she painted my pink dining room) and the room was perfect!

We had the twin mattress from when Rachael lived in Atlanta and went to school at Georgia State, so all I needed to find was a cute bed frame; one that looked like a daybed.  I found this one on Craigslist for $50. The owner had just put a fresh coat of white paint on it!  Then began the fun part of dressing the bed and moving the furniture around..

I found the large gray body pillow and the two fluffy white pillows at Ross, and the little ombre mint one I got at Target along with the rug.  The comforter is from IKEA - $20!  What a deal, right?

Back in September I found these adorable curtains on sale at HomeGoods so I snatched them up thinking they would be great in this room.

I just hung them YESTERDAY, Feb. 12. Six months later.  Who does that?  I guess I just forgot about them because I hung them in the closet.  But this week we have been out of work/school because of a really bad ice & snow storm - so I ran to Lowe's before the snow came in and found two cute curtain rods on sale for $10 each, and we (hubby and me) hung them up!

I took the picture below in the evening, so that's why the wall color looks so different. During the day I could not get a good picture at this angle, just too much light coming in through the windows. Can you see all the snow out there though? so. much. fun. Seriously, we never get snow so I was thrilled!

The picture hanging between the windows used to hang in our family room (you can spy it in this post) and was painted by my husband's Uncle Sam - same uncle who painted the picture that sits on our mantle.  The colors work perfectly in here with the mint and gray.

I'm pretty much in love with this little room.  Although there are still a few things I would like to do, like paint those two little lamps a matching shade of something and change their shades, add more artwork to the walls...  also, i'm going to have to add some material to the bottom of those curtains.. I wanted to hang them higher so they are too short..

I could not wait any longer!  I had to get them up - and really you don't notice the length behind the tables, but wanting full disclosure I'm showing you where they literally fall short.  I need to find just the right fabric, just like I did for my family room curtains - again, it's the thrill of the hunt ;)

Now let's go way back to the beginning to see how far this bedroom has come... this is one of those times we started a project before I took the "before" picture - bed already gone! (and yes, we did store a box spring under the bed.. doesn't everybody?)

And now... today..  YAY!!!  *clap clap clap*

So how did you spend your snow days?  Did you have snow days?  According to the weather reports, every state in the country except Florida had snow somewhere in the last few days.. wow!  Crazy winter huh?  I'll share our snow days story soon!

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  1. Love it, Kelli! Pretty soft wall color and love the accents. Also, love how you positioned the bed!!

  2. Looking good! Love that wall color!

  3. Great Job Kell! you got more done than I did! I was on my computer and conference calls non-stop. Thought I'd get all kinds of stuff done, but I was lucky to get my bed changed - ha!
    Quite a transformation - and you can't see the curtains - so "eh" no biggie - right? :)

  4. The room looks great! I love the curtains!

    1. Thanks! I really enjoy looking at it every day :)

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks! I love walking by it every day - makes me smile :)


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