Wednesday, November 6, 2013

In the Pink - Pink Walls That Is...

Hello my friends!  It has been a month since I've written anything.. It has been crazy around here! My sister came to visit for three weeks and it was wonderful! We also had a baby shower for my sweet daughter at my house so we have been really busy..

One of the things (among many) that my sister is really good at, is painting.  When I say she's good, I mean she's really good!  She cuts-in with no tape!

So I have been wanting to paint my dining room pink ever since I saw Cassie's dining room.  The navy served us well for many years but it was time to lighten things up.  My husband was a little skeptical at first. But when I showed him her room he was sold.  Besides - I wanted just one itty bitty room in my house that I could "glam up" and this was the perfect one! 

This is what it looked like a few weeks ago - messy and full of thrift store treasures!

When my sister came over and started priming the walls she did NOT want to use the blue tape and was only doing it because she though my hubs wanted her to. She didn't even want her picture made with the tape on the trim haha!  We only used it right there, on that one wall. The rest she cut-in by hand - she's awesome. Here she is posing for her glamor shot - love her!  You may remember, she helped me with my sexy bench redo, too ;)

What a trouper!  She primed those walls in an hour. We used Valspar High Hiding Primer.  We used only one coat to prime over that navy blue.  Wow!

She painted the pink when I was at work one day so I came home to find this!

My sideboard/buffet looks awesome with the pink.

I am in love.  I feel like I'm in Charleston or something! I am sooo very happy with the way it turned out - I used the same color as Cassie did, Sherwin Williams Verbena.  This room faces north so during the fall and winter it is rather difficult to get a good picture - not a whole lotta sunlight gettin in here..  but you get the idea.. 

Well I'm no interior designer/decorator, but I think this room is the bomb!  Thank you a millions times to my sweet little sister!!!  

I still need to paint the two chairs sitting in the corners on each side of the piano (and cover their seats), and figure out what to do with the unsightly table under the black tablecloth, do some curtains, and probably find a rug.  Lots to do, but that's the fun of it all, isn't it?  The thrill of the hunt!

Let me know what you think - leave me a comment!  I looovvveee to get comments!  So Happy!!



  1. ohmygosh ohmygosh ohmygosh!!!!! I'm floored!! It looks amazing! I swear it doesn't look that good on my walls!! I think my ceiling really intensifies the pink. And I'm totally cray-cray over the red chairs in there! it's amazing, I absolutely love it! Great job...and yay sister!

  2. I love it! Our formal living room is almost this exact color and I can't get enough! So romantic!! :)

    1. Thank you, Sarah! I love it! I need to see your living room!

  3. Found you via Hi Sugarplum. I love your dining room! The pink looks great paired with your grey sideboard. Awesome job.

  4. So glamorous! And I want to come steal that gold framed pink flamingo picture.

    1. Thank you, Angie K! That flamingo was another inspiration for the room ;)

  5. Hi, Kelli. Saw your room featured on Cassie's blog and had to come over to see it. The pink is quite a transformation, and how lucky are you that your sister is a talented room painter? Have fun as you continue to change up the room.


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