Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Atlanta's Country Living Fair :: And a Give-away!

**UPDATE: Give-away is closed and the winner has been emailed - thanks for entering!**

Hello!  It's that time of year again - time for Country Living Magazine to bring their very own Fair to the Atlanta area - at Stone Mountain Park on Oct. 23, 24 & 25.  My friends and I love going to this even every year.  I wrote about it last year and you can read about that here.

This year I am very excited to be able to offer two free Early Bird Weekend passes again!  Read more about the give-away at the end of the post :)

Friday, September 4, 2015

Kitchen Renovation: Part Five!!

I think I said in Part One.. I hope I'm not here in a year posting Part 20 or something crazy like that..but we are going on five months since we started the renovation... Warning.. this post is "picture-heavy"

When we left off in Part Four we had finished installing all the new crown mold.  Hubby beefed up the chunky-ness factor using the crown that we removed in the beginning and by adding a couple more elements.  The first piece is basic base mold turned upside down.  Next he attached the old crown (also using some chunks of wood behind and out of sight for stability), then he cut a 1" by lengthwise and attached that to the top of the crown - coming out over the edge slightly.  Once this was caulked and primed it looks like one big crown mold!

Then the day came for the granite installation - I was blown away by the beauty...

It's called River White.  I was trying to find something as close to carrara marble as I could find. Hubby talked to his supplier and she knew exactly what to show us..  This is beautiful and has specs of ruby in it as well.  I'm so in love with it!

Then I started priming the upper cabinets.  I took off all the doors and we filled nail holes, caulked and primed.  See how all the crown/trim looks like one piece now?  Love it.

We also found these kick-ass corbels online for a great price. (sorry about blurry pic - I cannot hold my phone in my left hand and take a decent picture)

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Kitchen Renovation: Part Four

Hello everyone - hope you are enjoying your weekend as much as I am!  We just had the best day yesterday hanging out with all of our kids - a rare occurrence!

When we left off last time (you can see that here) we had just finished creating the island and securing it to the floor.  Now it was time to build it out with some finish carpentry.

He wrapped it with primed luan and used 1 x's for the trim/edges

Next he ran the electrical and put an outlet for the microwave behind the cabinet next to the stove.

So now we had a working microwave and a fully functioning island with a painted wooden top... just waiting for the granite..  and the next day he took off the ugly, green laminate back splash!!!!

That was the happiest day!! Even knowing it would be a couple of months before we would have the tile up, I didn't care.. the torn drywall looked BETTER to me than that green.!  Hallelujah!

Next up - build two new cabinets to go above the stove.  We had lots of discussions about what to do above the stove.  We wanted to be able to center a cabinet above the stove and use a 36" stainless vent hood, but the cabinet above to the left didn't come over far enough..  Originally we were not going to use the shelf pieces that were there before, but we realized we needed them to fill the gaps.

Hubby reused a 1" strip of oak (once again) on the right side of the cabinet on the left, added the old shelf, added the new cabinet, then the other old shelf, and the larger new cabinet... and bam, nicely centered!  It's coming together :)

Over the next few weeks we painted the island, built a pull-out garbage can drawer, and put a nice crown on top of the cabinets - of course using the crown we took down way back in March.

So much more going on in the kitchen, but this post would take forever to read if I put it all in here - heck, it's kind of too long as it is!  Can I mark anything off the list?  Well, I actually need to ADD to the list so I can mark it off - building upper cabinets, garbage drawer, and crown mold were not there, but really needs to be, right?

Remove old cook top, oven/microwave & cabinets
Move gas line/electrical
Install new stove
Reuse cabinets to build new island
Remove laminate back splash
Build upper cabinets/install
Build pull-out garbage can drawer
Add stainless steel back splash behind stove w/small shelf
Paint cabinets
New hardware
New microwave
New sink & faucet
Install new subway tile backsplash
New counter tops
New hardwood floors throughout kitchen/family room

Thanks again for reading!  Next up will be the new granite counters and we'll start paining!  Yay!
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