Sunday, March 15, 2015

Kitchen Renovation: Part Two

Hello friends!  I'm back with an update on the kitchen.  You can read Part One here. We accomplished a lot of work last weekend - well, Hubby did the lion's share believe me!  But I helped when and where I could - I did all the cleaning out of cabinets and organizing stuff, and trust me, that's a lot of work in its self!

Okay enough bragging on my work skills, let's get right to it - You remember how the kitchen looked before we started with the big changes...

On Saturday we put in a good 3 hours of work and tore out the oven/microwave unit, the cook top, and all the cabinets surrounding those appliances.

He took good care of cabinet that held the gas cook top - we're going to reuse it later...before he could remove it he had to cut away the counter top that held the cook top.. messy, messy!

With all of the cabinets emptied, the entire kitchen was a mess!

At the end of the day this is what we had.  The pipe sticking up out of the floor is the gas line. 

The next day, bright and early, Hubby tackled moving the gas line and installing the huge outlet needed for the new stove.  Since the previous homeowner installed the (ugly) tile floor after the cabinets were installed originally, we would need to add some plywood to level it up so the stove would have something on which to sit.  

After he completed that and we removed the upper cabinet, is was time to bring in "the beast" as we affectionately call our new stove haha!  We got her put in place and all leveled up - so exciting! This is the centerpiece of our kitchen! It's a 36" six-burners on top with a regular and convection oven :)

We were really tired but we trudged ahead.  We removed the counter top from the existing island and moved that cabinet to the right of the stove.

Then we took the cabinet that held the old cook top and reattached the counter for the island!

Yay!  We were back up and running, albeit less cabinet space for a while.  We also did not have a counter to put on that piece to the right of the stove, but Hubs found a couple pieces of wood to get us through the week.  Yesterday, I found a remnant piece of Corian counter and after a little cutting it fit the counter just right.  That will hold us until we install all new counters down the road.

Here is where we are today - 

Our next step is to use part of the cabinet that used to hold the old oven, along with the cabinet that is now the island to create a bigger island that will hold a microwave.  We have the microwave from my old house that is now sitting on a cart next to the kitchen table that we are using temporarily.  Creating a larger island base that will hold the microwave will be a fun project.  We have some awesome ideas in mind - but to do them we will probably have to start removing the tile floor (one thing leads to another...)

I get to mark some things off the list - yay!!

Remove old cook top, oven/microwave & cabinets
Move gas line/electrical
Install new stove
Reuse cabinets to build new island
Add stainless steel back splash behind stove w/small shelf
Paint cabinets
New hardware
New microwave
New sink (apron front?) & faucet
Install new subway tile backsplash
New counter tops
New hardwood floors throughout kitchen/family room

Let me know what you think and share with me what you're doing at your house!



  1. Holy Moley! I'm exhausted just reading this! You two make a great team. It is looking awesome!

  2. Oh my, this seems quite involved! I definitely look forward to renovating our kitchen (and a few bathrooms) as well. You guys seem to have made great progress and I'm loving this new stove! I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product!

  3. Oh how fun!!! And aren't you guys so clever to switch those 2 sets of cabinets around!! Love your's a beauty!!! Can't wait to see it all finished. :)



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