Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What's for Dinner Tonight, Mom??

Sunday is my grocery shopping day.  It’s also the day I make the dinner menu for the entire week (so I actually know what to buy at the grocery store).  Problem is…  I run out of brain cells and can’t think of stuff to have for dinner! 

Does anyone else go through this?  I literally hate planning the meals all week long.  I have brain freeze – What. Do. We. Eat. For. Dinner. ? ?  Like a robot I sit there and stare, completely clueless for hours (it seems, probably only one hour, but that’s still too long!) until I finally think, okay, we’ll have grilled pork chops.  Yeah.  How exciting. 

My one little saving grace lately has been Pinterest ~  I have found lots of cool recipes and tried several of them.  One of the best is this pork loin roast in the crock pot from C+C Marriage Factory.  Very, very yummy and everyone likes it (even my very picky 13 year old).   

There was also the crock pot pork chops from Real Mom Kitchen that were heavenly! [I have a thing for the crock pot] 

But so far my favorite as been this little jewel from The Larson Lingo blog ~  oh my stars so easy and SO YUMMY!  Just dump everything in and walk away – so. tasty.

Even Robbie (my 13 year old) has enjoyed breakfast finds on Pinterest – like this and this.  [yes, bacon pancakes] I have lots of pins on my Recipe board left to try.  So now when I sit down to write my shopping list I have to be in front of my computer. :o)

If you have found any good ones on Pinterest I would love to hear about them! 


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