Sunday, October 21, 2012

Just a quicky Halloween decoration

Hey just a quick little post - I am working on one about my daughter's wedding, but wanted to share some photos of my mantel decorated for Halloween.

I don't do much, but I love what I do :-)  I don't have a lot of energy to change the mantel completely, so I add a few little things to make it a little spookier.  The candle holders come out of storage for this occasion.  I have looked high and low for black candles but could not find any, so I took some cheap white ones and sprayed them with flat black paint.  Sprayed the branches also which I got out of the back yard.  I bought the black feather wreath at Kirkland's this year (on sale!), and the little sign hanging on the brick I got at the Country Living Fair last year.  I think I got the skeleton head at WalMart or Target for $3.

I think I might grab a few more branches - I like that look!

That's it!  Not much, but it sure makes me happy!!!

Love, Kelli

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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Bringing Sexy Back:: Updating an upholstered bench

Been so long since I've done anything creative in this house :(  Time to change that.  For me, getting started is the hardest part.  I always have GREAT ideas:: but actually DOING them??  Not so much.

I admit it.  I've been kind of a lazy person.  I mean I go to work, I keep my house pretty clean, etc., but doing the extra stuff, ugh, it's so hard to get started!  When I see the floor that needs sweeping and the dust piling up on the nightstand and the counters that need cleaning I tend to spend all my energy doing those things - the dreaded housework!  So that pretty much ZAPS my time and any little bit of creativity goes out the window~

Well, not anymore!  We used to have a cleaning person way back last year and we had to stop for a while due to lack of extra funds..  now we got her back!  Not only is she the bestest cleaning person, she's my bestest friend too :D  I am ready to get back to doing some fun projects!

A couple weekends ago I was able to jump right into a little project (since my floors were clean and all sheets were washed!)  AND my wonderful sister, Khrissi, was here to help!  I inherited this bench when I moved in with Hubby.  It's not bad, but I really wanted to jazz it up a bit.

[believe it or not, this is the largest place in my house to do this, other than the garage - that's why we are smooshed in here]

We got the Rub n Buff and just started applying it with our fingers... humm... something didn't look quite right... hummm...

Well - if I had actually READ any of the awesome instructions from one of my favorite bloggers, Sammy at ReNew ReDo, I would have learned how to do this properly!  She is amazing and has detailed instruction on how to use this product.  So, we stopped half-way through and read Sammy's instructions.. We realized we needed to go on and finish what we'd started and then wait 24 hours to buff it.  So we did and then moved on to the cushion.

It's awesome to have a helper~!  Khrissi removed all of the cording, and there were a go-zillion staples!  We planned on covering right over the old fabric.  It was in great shape so no need to remove it.  We cut our fabric, lined it up where we wanted it, then pinned it in place.  I forgot to take pictures of that :(

The following weekend I finished up the Rub N Buff on the base using Sammy's instructions (but since I had gotten them backward I had to be very careful with it), and started stapling the fabric to the cushion. 

I cut off the extra fabric and then set it on the frame just to see how it would look..  still needed to make the piping, but that was going to have to wait another week..

Throughout the week not much gets done around here other than going to work, piano lessons, confirmation classes, dinners and the occasional shower [just kidding, we shower more than occasionally]. So, finally, yesterday, working at the kitchen table as I have no sewing room, I took the old piping and covered it with fabric.  First. Time. Ever.  I'm so proud of myself!

Then I stapled the cording to the bottom of the cushion [which I also did not photograph.. ugh] and put the whole thing back together!  Voila!  Ain't she purdy?

See how the piping just finishes it off so nicely?  And here it is back home at the foot of my bed..

Are you guys asleep yet?  Is this the longest darn before & after post ever?  Are you still with me?  If so here's one more look at the before & after!  I'm in love with this bench now!  So Sexy!!

I have much work to do in the Master bedroom, so, don't judge!  We'll eventually get to it :o)  For now I'm just going to enjoy my little victory, and have a seat on my bench.

Love, Kelli

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