Friday, August 9, 2013

Spray Paint is My Best Friend

I went to Haven Conference last week and I'm still putting together my thoughts - what an awesome experience!  I will be sharing about it here on the blog very soon!

As you guys know, I work full-time and have a 50-mile round-trip commute every day, so when I have some time to tackle a project, it's usually a quickie - if you're new to my blog look around, because you'll find a lot of quick projects that you can do in a small amount of time.  Not that we don't do some biggies around here, but those more than likely will involve my husband (cause he's really the brawn of this outfit).

I am lovin' me some gold these days - I painted this little side table gold, did Rub N Buff on this light fixture, and even ramped up the sexy factor on this old bench!  I am totally down with the gold!

I needed a little pick-me-up so I reached for my can of Rust Oleum gold spray paint  (the same can that I used to paint some white batting for this jewelry frame craft - yes, I spray painted the batting so it wouldn't show through haha!) and headed out to the garage to paint this mirror....

..and this frame around the large picture which was painted by my husband's great uncle and the frame was pretty old...

This was probably one of the fastest things I've ever done to spruce up the house

 I taped it off and sprayed it! Sooo simple!

Then I took an old sheet and draped it over my side fence and sprayed the frame

Frames are not cheap, so painting this one save me some green, ya know?

So here they are back in their little places all gold and lovin' life

Now for a little side-by-side

Isn't it amazing the difference in the color of the paint depending on the time of day??  I mean, look at the difference! Crazy.

It's a pretty simple change, but it makes me very happy!  What have you changed lately?  Big or small - let me know!  I'm dying to hear about it!!

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