Monday, February 18, 2013

Another Quick Before and After - Let there be Light!

If you have read my blog for a while you probably know that I don't get around to actually doing a lot of what I want to do.  I make big plans, but then take a while to carry them through.  Some might call that procrastination - I just call it lazy being thorough.  Making sure before I start anything..

Back here I worked up a wish list for my dining room.  OMG that was literally a YEAR ago. The only thing that has been accomplished in that room (until now) was the hanging of the gold mirror. Period.

I still haven't painted the room, or found/made the perfect tablecloth, or painted the table, but last weekend I did do one thing.... and if you follow me on Instagram you probably saw a peek!  What I really, really have always wanted is a beautiful brass and crystal chandelier - that costs around $2500!  We all know THAT ain't happenin' for some time..  And then it hit me (like, I-coulda-had-a-V8 kinda hit me) why don't I Rub N' Buff the light fixture?!?  DUH.

This thang - in my humble opinion - had an enormous case of the Uglies.  (Don't let Hubby hear that because he picked it out and he really liked it - oops)  I mean the boring metal and those brownish globes!  It just wasn't jiving in here.  Enter Rub N' Buff in Grecian Gold.

I didn't even clean it very well - I took the globes off, dusted it with a rag real quick, and started rubbing and painting. I'm a little impatient when it comes to getting things going.. I just want to jump right in.

 (i spy someone in the mirror hehe - oops!)

 I couldn't BELIEVE how great it was turning out!  I was in love!  I used a small artist paint brush for most of it, but on the long, flat pieces that swoop up I just used my finger.  Just like when I painted my bench, I used a small amount of deglosser in a little bowl.  I would dip the brush in the deglosser then drag it through the Rub N' Buff that was poking out of the tube.  (And alas, as usual, I didn't photograph that part - I was so excited about how this thing was looking!)  Sammy at Renew Redo has great instructions for using Rub N' Buff here...

Can you get over how it is the same gold as the mirror?  Why had I not done this MONTHS ago?  Why?  Once I was finished all I needed to do was run to Lowe's and grab some new globes~

I am seriously in love with the light now.  If I don't get my fancy brass and crystal chandelier for a while it won't matter because I think this baby is perfect!  Once I put the new globes on you could see the white socket thingy that holds the bulb.  Hubby suggested I go ahead and paint the sockets gold too, so I did..

I love how the Rub N' Buff doesn't cover like stray paint; it has depth.

It took me a few hours to do this - I did not take the fixture down, so I kinda got a little crick in my neck, but it was totally worth it.

So yeay!  I have a "new" chandelier for about $17 (the cost of the 5 globes and part of the tube of Rub N' Buff).  I still have almost the entire tube of Rub N' Buff left that I can use on another project.  Next I will be painting the room gray.  Hubby needs to do a little maintenance on the wainscoting in the room first, then we'll be ready to go.

So tell me what you think about my chande!  Do you like it?  Think it's pretty?  As usual I have been dragging people in to look at it~~

Have a great week people!  And shout out to my youngest, Robbie, on his 14th birthday today!! Love you kid!

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Love, Kelli


  1. OK love it, and I am soooo excited to see the room go gray! Awesomeness, you know I love a good gold and gray combo!

    Sammy ~ Renew Redo

  2. it's so pretty kelli!! love it!

  3. It looks awesome! You did good! Love your BFF

  4. Wow! What a transformation, you've done such an amazing job.
    Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
    Have a fab weekend Hun xoxo

  5. Kelli! It's awesome! Girl, we have so much in common: big plans, procrastination... then jumping in when we finally get the bee in our bonnet! I love your house! Thanks for always coming and hanging out with me at my blog. I heart you :-)

  6. I was totally not in love with this chandellier in the dark finish but in the gold it looks fabulous. It looks like and entirely different fixture. Great job,


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