Saturday, February 9, 2013

Crafty! Arm-Knitting

Hello!  It's a beautiful day here in Georgia.. cold, but the sun is shining and that goes a long way toward making it a good day.

Have you ever seen a craft/project on Pinterest that you thought was awesome so you pinned it?  Yes!  I love finding stuff to pin!  I'll sit for hours finding recipes, outfits to wear, fun things to do..  But I realized I haven't been so good about doing the things that I have pinned... Am I the Lone Ranger here?  Exactly..  So recently I found this pin and immediately thought of my BFF, Joanne, who knows how to knit (I don't) and thought, if anyone could figure this out it would be her.  So I sent her the link and thought, okay, one of these days we'll do this.. (haha, yeah Right!)

Isn't that the coolest scarf?  So warm and cozy looking!  I wanted one so bad.  The opportunity presented itself a couple weeks ago when I was working on my curtains and my sewing machine started acting up..  I had to finish just one hem, so I called Joanne and asked for her help.  She was wonderful and told me to come right over. 

She not only hemmed my curtain for me, she also says "hey I figured out how to do the arm knitting, do you want to make a scarf?"  (Seriously?  I just sent the link to her three days before!  Dang, she's good)  I wasn't sure there was enough time, because you know, I had to get home, make dinner, be the mom, blah blah blah.. (I mean, really, I can't actually take time to DO something like a CRAFT; two in one day is just outrageous) but she's like, no, seriously, this takes about 30 minutes..  And it did.

Sorry for the crummy pictures - I took them with my crummy phone because I was not prepared! (see my curtains in the background there?)  Joanne is a "DOer"  She doesn't say "oh I can't do that" if something seems complicated..  no, she says "humm, how can I do that?"  She's awesome and has been one of the most influential and inspirational people in my life.  Love her!

So if you are interested in making one of these for yourself you should go to Simply Maggie's blog and watch her awesome tutorial!  I love my scarf!  

The yarn Joanne bought cost about $9.  She got it at Hobby Lobby, but I'm sure you could get it anywhere they sell knitting stuff. So, yeah, you get a super hip scarf, you get to say you made the scarf, and the price is unbeatable.   I made mine a little larger then Maggie's.  I, uh, have to be able to get it off quickly... like super quick if I start getting hot.. hot flash hot.. and so as not to mess up my hair either.  So, am I the Lone Ranger here?  Didn't think so.

What Pinterest projects have you done/attempted/completed?  I would love to hear about them!  I would also love to know that I'm NOT alone in pinning lots and doing little.. 

There are obviously so many awesome pinners out there.. Some of my favorite people to follow on Pinterest:

You can follow me on Pinterest here.  And you can follow Joanne's here, but honestly, she's out there Doing stuff, not sitting here pinning stuff.

Have a great weekend!!

Love, Kelli

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