Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's the end, but it's not

This month has been so crazy - with Tyler graduating there is so much going on, so much to do. And I think about him all the time!  I so just want him to be happy, for his girlfriend to be wonderful to him, and for him to have the time of his life.  I guess I'm like most moms, but sometimes I think that I'm worrying too much. 

He's having a great senior year and this is what I've always wanted for him.  He has lots of friends and makes more friends all the time. I love all of his friends!  They're always doing something fun.  The girls are adorable and the guys so much fun - I'm going to miss all the fun stuff I hear about from them.  He did okay on his grades.  He could have done so much better, but what's done is done.  He's a smart kid and I have enjoyed watching him grow into this awesome, funny, handsome person.

He's my Tyler.  My big, football-playing, strong, handsome, baby.  It took me weeks to get past the football season being over, knowing it was his last.  The team went to the playoffs but lost the first-round game in the last 4 seconds when the other team kicked a field goal from 52 yards out.  52 yards!  Some pro teams can't even do that!  But that's how our season ended - hearts broken and Tyler sitting on the bench with a mild concussion. 

He hasn't always been the easiest kid to get along with, but he always comes through when I need him.  He's moving on to the next phase in life, like we all do.  But as parents, how do we live through it with them without being utterly exhausted?  If anyone has tips on how to do that please pass them along! :D

Monday, May 9, 2011

first time for everything

I've never had a blog.  Always thought about doing one... just have not.  So, now I have. Yeay me!

I actually had something really cool I wanted to write about but now cannot remember what it was. That's the story of my life theses days!  I have a thought then before I know it, it escapes! Is it age? Is it the deodorant I wear?  Or is the simple fact that I have way too much on my mind..?? I don't know, but it's pretty frustrating.

The memory loss extends to many other areas of my life as well.  When I am out and run into friends I have a hard time remembering their name to introduce them to my husband/kids/other friends. I mean, I know these people!  But their names just escape me at the moment.  Or, I'll go to the store to pick up three things.. three things, this, this and that..  What happens?  You guessed it - once in the store I have somehow forgotten this or that.

The only thing I can do is work on it... and hope for the best.  :o)

I guess my first post on my blog isn't going to be very memorable.. haha - how appropriate.
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