Sunday, July 22, 2012

long ago renovations

Since not much is going on around here in the way of changes I thought I would share some great before and after pictures from my previous house.  This was my sweet little kitchen that I adored.

I moved into this little house about a year after my divorce.  The place was yucky, but it was all mine.  Luckily my new boyfriend (and now husband) had just the right attitude "Oh yeah, we can change anything we want" - music to my ears!

While we didn't do a lot that first year other than paint every ceiling and wall, he started stashing stuff for my house.  He is a renovator so when he would build someone a new kitchen and they ripped out their old counter tops, he would keep them.  He kept cabinets, MDF, a sink, and a great faucet.

When we started working on the kitchen/dining room we had to completely rip out two closets that divided the space.
 Then he relocated the return ducting for the furnace and the vent pipe to the wall and boxed it in.  He also fixed the ceiling and textured it to match the rest..
 I dug a shelving unit out of the garage to use in place of my now-gone pantry, and we lived this way (pic 4) for several months.. 
Then we started painting the dining room side and Ken installed two small base cabinets for an "island" off the bump out on the wall.  He also put bead board around the room and wrapped the back of the island and trimmed it to give it a finished look.  He topped the island with a piece of MDF which I covered with various table clothes.. and we lived with it like this for a while..
Then the most awesomest thing happened - hardwood floors!! This was so exciting that I really didn't take many pictures.  But it is the most beautiful floor anyone ever saw ;o)

We turned our attention to the kitchen side of the room - and there was LOTS to do.  Since we were doing this on a very strict budget we were keeping all the cabinets and appliances.  Paint was our best friend.  We (well, Ken) removed the wood between the upper cabinets and ceiling to open it up, installed bead board on the back and crown mold on the cabinets and then painted them white.  I painted the base cabinets black. Did I have enough stuff on my fridge??  sheesh!
We lived with it like this for a while too - with the MDF on the island and the completely ugly faux butcher block counters and back splash.. But Ken came through again with a counter he got from one of his clients, along with a sink and faucet.  He ripped all the old, ugly stuff out and installed the new-to-me counter and sink.  He bought 12" marble tiles, cut them down and installed them subway style as the back splash.  He also got a perfect size of corian for the island from another client; only had to cut about 3" off and it fit like a glove!

I found the red stools at a yard sale for $10 each.  They were perfect.  I spent a little bit more than that on the adorable chandelier above the sink, but it was so worth it.

I miss my little kitchen a lot, but look forward to renovating the kitchen in my current home.

Whew!  Did you think I would ever finish this? 

Love, Kelli

Saturday, July 7, 2012

it's the little things:: comforts of home

Isn't really the small things in life that we cling to?  Those little things we see every day that somehow comfort us.  I have tried to bring those types of things into our home.  Sentimental, pretty, meaningful, goofy, and even sometimes practical - that's what's in my house.  Things given to me by friends and family, and stuff I have bought for cheap and made them my own.

My little metal cart that Ken gave me for Christmas one year.  We had only been dating about year, but he knew I loved old, red, metal stuff, and he searched and found this for me!  So sweet!  As you can see, I use it as a bar cart and it's perfect.

A small stack of books holding shells from our many trips to the beach and a little ceramic dish made by my BFF's favorite aunt.  Even the tiny card with the Christmas scene is from a long ago gift from my sister. (and yes, I love muscle cars - just a tomboy at heart)
This little clay angel was a Christmas tree ornament that I just couldn't pack away.  It has hung in various places in my houses, then just laid on top of the piano for years.  Finally, I hung it on a nail then hung the frame over it and it has a proper home.  It make me happy every time I walk by the front door.

These are just a few of the little things that make me smile. How 'bout you?  What is one thing (hard to choose just one) that you love looking at in your own home?

I'm a day late for the link-up with Lindsay!  But better late than never, right?

Love, Kelli

Sunday, July 1, 2012


I absolutely love summer the best of all the seasons.  I really love them all, but summer is definitely my favorite.  I work 5 days a week in an office doing mundane things, and summer has a way to even make that better.

When I get off it's still daylight outside.  I can go home and make dinner and STILL go up to the pool and have an adult beverage with friends!  Summertime brings people out of their houses.  Summer seems to make people more social.  There are lake parties, boat parties, pool parties and beach parties..  There's going to the water park or just even pulling out the ol' slip n' slide and making a day of it.

We had all the kids over yesterday for some fun at our neighborhood pool (and that "kid" with the beer is actually 32 years old, but he's a kid to me). Then we grilled some burgers and brats, had potato salad and fresh fruit - yum!  Ahhh summertime - love it!

Can't wait til we head to the beach in a few weeks!  Then it's really summertime!  How about you?  What have you been up to this summer?

Love, Kelli
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