Saturday, July 7, 2012

it's the little things:: comforts of home

Isn't really the small things in life that we cling to?  Those little things we see every day that somehow comfort us.  I have tried to bring those types of things into our home.  Sentimental, pretty, meaningful, goofy, and even sometimes practical - that's what's in my house.  Things given to me by friends and family, and stuff I have bought for cheap and made them my own.

My little metal cart that Ken gave me for Christmas one year.  We had only been dating about year, but he knew I loved old, red, metal stuff, and he searched and found this for me!  So sweet!  As you can see, I use it as a bar cart and it's perfect.

A small stack of books holding shells from our many trips to the beach and a little ceramic dish made by my BFF's favorite aunt.  Even the tiny card with the Christmas scene is from a long ago gift from my sister. (and yes, I love muscle cars - just a tomboy at heart)
This little clay angel was a Christmas tree ornament that I just couldn't pack away.  It has hung in various places in my houses, then just laid on top of the piano for years.  Finally, I hung it on a nail then hung the frame over it and it has a proper home.  It make me happy every time I walk by the front door.

These are just a few of the little things that make me smile. How 'bout you?  What is one thing (hard to choose just one) that you love looking at in your own home?

I'm a day late for the link-up with Lindsay!  But better late than never, right?

Love, Kelli


  1. Your house is a home.... A home with love being the first thing....It shows how Ken was raised and also that you are his true mate.... Take care as my Mothers Mothers said before she died that Life was only a dream.... She was 89 at the time.....

  2. There are many little vignettes in my hme about which I feel the same way...little pieces of me and us that make me smile. I love your little angel in the frame, such a sweet idea!

  3. My favorite thing to look at in my home is our bookshelf - it's this great combination of my own life and my life together with Adam. We alphabetized it when we moved to the new place and it's so fun to see the couple of books we both had before we moved in - kindred spirits!

  4. Great post Kelli! I especially like what you did with the cherub. Great idea!

    1. Thanks! hey would you email me? ktfox425 at gmail dot com! would love to get some of your input :o)

  5. I love that metal cart. What a sweet husband. I think it's great when people sprinkle sentimental items throughout their home. You have done an awesome job of that!


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