Sunday, June 30, 2013

Rachael's Room

The bedroom that I talked about in my last post (which, by the way, was posted back in APRIL for gosh sake!!  I'm a horrible,horrible blogger!!) is coming along nicely - all thanks to my hubs!  But if I wait to post about it until it's completely finished I'm afraid it will never happen!

My hubby is man who likes to keep moving - he always has a To-Do list going in his head. So when he said he was ready to paint this room I was so excited!  He also enlisted Wesley's help, and that made the job go a lot quicker!  Wes helped fill in all the holes from the push-pins holding many, many band posters -

Ken painted the ceiling, baseboards, and trim, then did the cutting in at the ceiling and did most of the painting. We're using Sherwin Williams' "Mindful Gray" and we love it!  (He also cleaned the blinds and moved the furniture where I wanted it!  He's so awesome!!)

Lucy came in to visit too :o)

Lots of holes filled, eh?

We are so please with the color - sorry this picture is kind of dark, I took it late in the day.

When I finish my buffet (which I haven't worked on in several weeks because of either bad weather or too much to do on the weekend) I will move it to my dining room and move this chest (below), which belonged to hubby's Buby (gramma), into the bedroom to hold the TV/DVR.  We only have that big ol' TV (above), but it'll work for now for just watching movies :)

So here's what the room looks like with the frame set up, waiting on the mattress - again, the pic is kind of darkk..

I already have some cute pillows for the daybed, but need to find sheets and a thin quilted comforter that I can tuck in all around.  I have a Pinterest board for inspiration here, if you want to take a look. 

The summer is flying by!  I feel like nothing is getting done around here - with all the rain we are having on the weekends we don't even get to spend any time at the pool.  Hopefully things will "dry up" soon and we'll get more things done and more fun will be had, especially with the 4th this week!  Hope you have a great holiday!

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  1. love the gray....what a difference paint makes!

  2. The color looks amazing!!! I'll have to write this one down for future use :)

  3. that Green is the same colour we have in our bedroom right now from previous owners. The "mindful Gray" is one I was considering as an option for repainting. I love how it looks in your room

    1. Thanks, Bette! We are really loving it - Thanks for stopping by!


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