Saturday, February 8, 2014

More Black Doors

Lawd it has taken me forever to get some things done around here. I started painting the doors on the first floor black way back here - over a year ago - then kind of ran out steam/gumption/desire whatever you want to call it.. But now I have managed to paint two more doors! "Yay!" she said so proudly.

The door leading to the garage (even though I have not tackled the other side - it has been too cold!!):  And I ALWAYS forget to take a "before" picture so I stop and take one after I started.. it's a blurry phone pic too. #bloggerfail #lol

Here you can see all three - the other two are pantry and coat closet in the short hall that leads to the dining room. We have a long row of hooks for extra coat/jacket/purse/lunch bag/dog leash storage on the opposite wall.

And the back door going out to the deck: again, forgot to take a picture so i found another pic i took when my husband was out on the deck grilling...and it's grainy too...

I have just one door on the first floor left to paint, and it's kind of a weird one. It's the door to the office and it's an exterior door, so the grids are inside the glass and there's no way I can paint them.

I'm wondering if I should paint it at all - ?? Will there be too much black since it's next to the front door?  Would it be weird to have one door not painted?  What do you think?

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  1. I'm liking the look of your black doors. Adds some extra zing. And I too am so bad about before pictures. When I recently took over our former guest room to use as my sewing room, I started moving out some of the furniture and other items I didn't want in there. Then I realized someday I may have an "after" that I'd want to share, so I moved a big recliner and some other items back in the room for a "before" photo. Lame!

  2. What is it about black? I just painted a mantelpiece in my dining room black and love it. Your doors look fabulous! Would love for you to share at Fridays Unfolded!



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