Monday, April 30, 2012

Here's what's been happening!

Well, let’s see..  what all has happened since I last posted.. I have really been so slack about even thinking about posting to my blog.  I’m a terrible, terrible blogger!  We’ve had a few things going on over the last several weeks~

The first weekend in April we had Passover AND Easter back-to-back.  My hubby is Jewish, and we used to always go to his hometown, Cleveland, OH, for Passover with his family.  Now that his father has passed away (his mom did long ago) and the kids are going to college with different spring break schedules, it is very hard to make it up there for Passover.  A few years ago we started our own Passover seder tradition, big dinner and all.  We love doing it, but it is a pretty big production, so it wears us out!  We had a great dinner this year with just our kids and a few of their friends.  Got my seder plate inspiration from none other than Martha Stewart :o)

The next day was Easter so right after we cleaned up from dinner we set about dying eggs!  They turned out so pretty – two of our college-aged kids got in on the act.  Some great time spent with the kids – pretty rare to have them all at home at the same time.

The next morning my 13-year old “found” all 15 eggs and then we trekked off to meet the boys’ father at church with my sweet Hubby.  We were not about to even think about making dinner – we went out for wings...  It was awesome!

We have spent all of our weekends working in the yard – nothing real exciting, but it looks good!  But because of that I have not worked on any projects – projects that I am itching to get to!  More about those later~

Hope you have had a fantastic spring so far!  Let me know what you've been up to~~

Love, Kelli

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