Thursday, April 5, 2012

A little garden {very. little.}

Oh my gosh!  I have been so bad about blogging...  Probably mostly because I work full-time and am old as crap and don't have much energy to get things done..  lol  But hubbs and I did get a lot of yard work done last weekend (very exciting, I know) and actually planted a little garden!  And by little, I mean "very small," like 9 plants!  Really, with our busy schedules it is a good start.  We'll see how well we do and next year we could possibly go bigger :o)

 Awe!  It's so yittle!  No matter - we're excited and looking forward to some home-grown tomatoes in a few weeks.  How about you?  Done any gardening lately?

Love ya,



  1. It's a great start Kelli! Mike and I are planting a "very small" garden as well. Keep us posted on the progress. You'll be amazed how a small garden can produce big results!

  2. OK bad blogger! Where are all your new posts! Just kidding.... patiently waiting to see what you've been up too!! : )

    Sammy ~ Renew Redo

  3. No pressure or anything.... : ) heehee

    Sammy ~Renew Redo


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