Saturday, January 14, 2012

Just a couple of little projects

For weeks I had been looking for just the right little table/stand/something to adorn a teeny tiny spot in the foyer of our house.  I was shopping the flea markets, craigslist, Ross, and Marshalls – just could not find anything that was just the right size.  Finally it occurred to me that I had a perfect little table in my own house!  It was residing in the powder room and it was really kind of plain and sad.

Well, a quick coat of black spray paint (thanks to my sweetest husband) fixed her right up!  It fits perfectly and I love it!  See what I mean about how tiny the space is?  Our foyer is so much smaller than ones in some of the other houses in our neighborhood – but apparently it did allow larger rooms (den, upstairs bedroom, office) in the house so no complaints here..

So, yeay!, I have a little table in the foyer, but now we had an empty space in the powder room.  Hummmm, let’s see…  I found that table in-house, did I have anything else I could use in the powder room?  Then it hit me, I had my old nightstand, which belonged to my mom from years ago, hiding out in my master bedroom closet.  Would it fit?  Could I use it? 

Maybe, probably, but it too needed a makeover.  Just a basic little sanding, little priming, and two coats of matte black Rustoleum and we love it! 

Now, the hardware is a different story.  Originally I thought painting the brass hardware this brushed nickel finish was the way to go, until I put them back on. Me no likey.  This picture actually makes them look white. I think I am going to try some Rub ‘N Buff and tone them down a bit. 

But for now, I love my little stand in the powder room!  It holds an adorable little lamp and the drawers hold extra bathroom “stuff” all hidden, out of the way!  So happy with the way both of these little projects turned out - and the only money I spent was on paint!  By the way, don't you just love the textured red walls in this powder room?  haha!  They were like this when Hubby bought the house and we loved it so we kept it :o)

Do you have any little projects that you're proud of?  Tell me, I'd love to hear about them!

Love, Kelli


  1. Kelli, I think that little table is the perfect fit for your entry. Here's one other thought I had... (since you asked. Ha!) You could possibly stack a couple of small round mirrors (maybe with thick black frames) to add a little height to that space. Looks great, though. Thanks for sharing your post. :)

  2. They both turned out great. I agree with you about the handles on the nightstand.

  3. I think table is the perfect size for your space. If you wanted to make it more functional, you could add a small bowl for keys or change, or a basket on the bottom shelf for odds and ends.


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