Sunday, January 22, 2012

ahhh... real life

Well I'm so excited - my Renovator hubby and I finished covering the seats for the dining room chairs yesterday!  Yeayy!!!  So I'm like, okay, let me get the room cleaned up, the table cloth on, and let's get those chairs all set up around the table and take some pics!  Yeah!  I walk in and this is what I find:

Uhhhh... wha?  Apparently it's Tax Time!  And this is the only place he can spread out and organize the mountain of paperwork. But he promised it won't be this way for long [I should hope not!].  You can still see the chairs - so happy with how they turned out!  Oy, and you can see the very, very old chairs we had... can you see why I needed new ones??  haha

I'll have a pretty picture very soon [hopefully]... 

Love, Kelli


  1. Hi, first visit here. Love the dark wall color. I look forward to seeing the room post-tax season.

  2. It's a good chair day, today!! Yours look gorgeous...can't wait to see everything all fixed up!


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