Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Finally!! {A Tale of Two Chairs}

I have finally finished one chair!  I have no idea how long it will take me to get the other three finished so I am going to go ahead and show it off…

They started out like this…  the seat cushions smelled so bad that they never made it into the house.. I found them on craigslist for $10 each!

Then my awesome Renovator husband gave them a little sanding/cleaning, priming, and finally paint… [Rustoleum Red]

And then they sat for about three months until I finally found the fabric that I wanted, ordered it, and ordered the foam.  Then, yesterday, my best friend, Joanne, came over and showed me how to cover the seats!

So, one more time – tada! 

I am almost finished with the second chair and will get to work on the other two this weekend.  Then all I have to do is paint the dining room and do a couple dozen other things in there (curtains, rug, move piano out, table cover, new light fixture….) and it’ll be done…  who am I kidding?  It’s never really DONE, is it?  But that's half the fun :D  How do you like them???  I'm so excited!

Love, Kelli

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