Saturday, January 12, 2013

Mother of the Bride

I seriously do not know where the time has gone.  The last three months have flown, and I have not blogged at all about the most important event of 2012!  My sweet daughter, Amanda, married her perfect match, Adam, on October 13, 2012, and since then everything is a blurrrrr...

First of all, Amanda did all the planning for her wedding.  She found the venue, the caterer, the dress(es), everything, all on her own.  She made the decorations for the reception, all of the table numbers, and she even made the little gifts for everyone to take with them.  Amazing!  She did it all with some help from her best friends.  Me?  I didn't do a thing!  I just showed up!  Well, I did bring some pedestal cake plates with me... haha

We had a quick rehearsal the evening before and went to have dinner at a fun place right around the corner from the venue called The Bookhouse Pub.  It was so much fun seeing her with all her friends, seeing Adam with his family and friends..  We enjoyed a yummy meal and got to know some new folks.  It was great!

The next day we all arrived at the venue and started decorating, putting centerpieces together, placing chairs, etc.  Everyone played a part in the set up and it went very quickly.  We were at The Highland Inn in Atlanta.  It's a very old hotel with a center courtyard.

The ceremony took place in the courtyard, then everyone came inside to the "ballroom" for the reception.  While the bar opened for the guests, Amanda and Adam ran off with the photographer (and friend of mine, Paige Knudsen, from Simple Thoughts) for some "in-town" shots..  they turned out spectacular!  Here are a couple of them~

Once the pictures were taken we partied the night away!  I had THE best time dancing with my kids!  The entire night went by too fast.  It was truly very special.

It was crazy fun.  The best part was that Amanda and Adam were awesome hosts. Of course I love them both and wish them all the happiness in the universe!

Now, to get on with this new year and hopefully be better about keeping up with my blog.  I started painting doors in my house.  (woo so exciting, right? - well, maybe to some...)  More on that later.



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  1. it was such a treat to watch YOU enjoying every moment of that special day!!


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