Saturday, August 1, 2015

Rose Gallery Wall

I actually wrote this blogpost sometime back in June.. and forgot to publish it..! So, I'm not going to edit it..just going to post it haha!

How is everyone?  We are doing well over here at 818..  Lots and lots going on, too..  Hubby's daughter graduated from Middle Tennessee State University (GO RACHAEL!!), he and I both  celebrated our birthdays (17 day apart), then throw in Mother's Day AND continuing work on the kitchen remodel - it's been crazy hectic!  But we love it!

The day of my birthday dinner my daughter was at my house as we waiting on the boys to get there, and I showed her something I had been working on.  She and her husband had recently down-sized to a loft apartment and have created a fantastic gallery wall in their new space, so she was the perfect person to help me this wall in the foyer.  The space at the top of our stairs has been empty forever... here it is pre-stair/rail painting....(which you can read about here)

On a couple of thrift/antique store outings I found several paintings of roses and they were laid out on our bedroom floor for a pattern for a gallery wall - I just hadn't had time to get them up!

I moved my mother's little secretary desk up from the basement where it was basically hidden from the world.  This would be the perfect "base" for my gallery!

We measured where we wanted to place the largest painting, got that up, and then just went from there.  Of course, we didn't stop to take pics until we were almost finished.. That's when we realized we really needed one more something in that lower left corner. I ran downstairs to my little bar cart and grabbed the round rose tray that was propped up on the back. We had to add a wire to the back of the tray so we could hang it, so for picture's sake Amanda held it up so we could see how it looked.. love it!

I actually had several of the pictures in my house, all in different rooms, and the thought popped in my head one day when I saw a gallery of like-minded pictures that I should put them together for impact.  So after a couple of shopping trips I had enough to make a nice statement. 

We had it done in about 30 minutes and love how it turned out! 

Do you have any gallery walls in your house?  My daughter's entire living room in her small apartment is a gallery wall!  It looks fantastic - I would love to see yours, too!


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