Sunday, July 20, 2014

Haven Conference :: The Recap

Haven Conference - "Because There's No Place Like Home"

What a great tag line.. and it couldn't be more true.  Haven is a conference that happens once a year, it's held in Atlanta (yay!), and it's for DIY and home decorating bloggers.  It. Is. Awesome.

I had been blogging for almost a year when I first heard about Haven.  I was really still trying to figure out what I even wanted to blog about - I just knew I really enjoyed it!  When I saw there was a conference in my town I was thrilled!  Well, then I realized it was during the same week that my day-job had their summer meeting and I would not be able to attend. womp woooomp.

I missed that first year but I was on the computer the first day that tickets went on sale for Haven 2013, and a few months later my dear friend, Mary Kay, decided to attend too!  Woo Hoo!  I didn't have to traverse uncharted territory alone!  What a relief!

We went and had a blast - we met some awesome bloggers (the very first night!) who live in the Atlanta area.  We could not believe how fortunate we were to meet this group of ladies - we all just happen to be standing next to each other in the line for the bar and started talking!  From left to right above: Jill Perloff - Weathered Pieces, Kim Banta - A Quirky Creative, Melanie Robinson - The Painted Chandelier, Robin Gay - All Things Heart & Home, me, and Mary Kay Thompson - NowWhatNow.

Since that first Haven, we have joined local blogging groups and had some good times with these ladies!  I would have never known them if it wasn't for Haven!  We got more swag than the law allows - seriously, I felt like a bandit!  I learned SO much from the sessions!  (I finally took the time to figure out how to put some ads on my blog, and that was a big deal for me.)  I really wish I had written a post about it last year so I would have something to compare it to this year...  All I can tell you is that I knew I would be back in 2014!

This year Mary Kay and I bought tickets the first day they went on sale (Jan 1!).  We couldn't wait to see our friends again, and meet new ones.  Fast-forward to July 10!  Yay! Now I will just bombard you with pictures - all from my cell phone or someone else's cell phone

Haven 2014 - Thursday evening!



I have lots more pictures, but I'm sure you get the idea!  This conference is so worth it - we went to 3-4 sessions each day, met tons of other bloggers and DIYers, learned a new skill or two, had great food, and (most importantly) laughed our butts off!  I only wish I had taken more pictures (with my camera) and talked to more people.  But there's always next year, right?

Many thanks to the women who put this together every year - click here to see the Haven Mavens and click here to see all of the sponsors (i.e. free swag givers!)   :)

Now, back to doing some projects at home - I hope to get started on my old dining room table make-over..  more to come...



  1. I love hanging out with you, Kelli! Such a fun and great conference. I think I even learned a bit! So much info it's hard to soak it all up! Let's get together soon!

  2. I WILL be there in 20154 Kelli! We'd better start planning now to meet up right? :-)

  3. What fun you had...and won free plants to boot! I seriously need to think about going next year!


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