Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fall is in the Air!

 (photo by Amanda Hunter)

Oh I do love summer with it's endless sunshine and going to the beach and hanging out at the neighborhood pool with all my friends.  It seems like that's when we see the most of each other.  I'm always sad when the pool closes because I know summer is over.  It just seems like summer is that time for no commitments, being lazy in the heat, and riding in boats and drinking beer. 

Winter on the other hand is so not fun to me.  I do not like being cold and wearing all the clothes and coats and scarfs!  It gets dark so early and you feel like you don't have a day (when you work 8 hours at a job like I do).  You get home and it's dark so you have dinner, clean up and BAM! it's time for bed!  The only good thing about winter is Christmas and New Years - yay for them!!!

Good thing there is fall to ease us into the coldness of winter.  Fall is my third favorite season behind spring (spring lets you know that summer is almost here!).  All the pumpkins and cinnamon and sweaters and jeans - not to mention the best part of fall - FOOTBALL!! 

So today we'll go to our local little downtown area for their Second Annual Rockin' Rib Fest - can't wait.  The neighborhood gang will all be there for good eats and a good Led Zeppelin cover band. 

Happy Weekend!  What are you going to be doing?

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